Some kind of forum outage?

I was only able to log in by doing a password reset in an incognito browser tab, and it looks like no posts have been made by anyone in the last 5 hours… I assume there’s some kind of hosting problem going on here? Expired certificates perhaps?

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Apparently it is expired certificates. I had to switch browsers, allow an unsafe login, according to Chrome, and even had to look up my password. Firefox wouldn’t let me on at all.

@scottsmith will sort it out as soon as he knows, I’m sure, but no great rush I hope. Thank you, Scott!


Indeed it was an expired certificate… my apologies for that! It is supposed to auto-renew but for whatever reason the auto-renew failed.

Anyway, we have a fresh certificate and should be good to go!


Thanks Scott!

Thank you Scott. I was worried about you and your family.
Is it time for another round of donation to help with running the site?
Thanks again for all your work.



Thank you Scott!

Thanks for thinking of that. I just took a look and the last round was in late 2020 and we were $2600 in the black after that round. Fortunately the photo storage costs went down radically, Amazon changed their pricing model in some way that really helped us saving around $50 per month. So it looks like we will be OK through the end of 2022 or thereabouts :smile: There is a increase in the emailing costs, we are sending enough email notifications that it is now $20 more per month.

By the way when the site was down I went ahead and updated the software to the latest version, you will see a few new features now. Also the auto-renew problem should be fixed with the new update, the protocol there changed a bit which seems to be why the auto-renewal failed.