Some kind of gall on my persimmon?

Hello everyone,
I’ve really enjoyed all the insight and advice from this community. Today, I found some kind of gall or growth on my 3 year old Hana gosho persimmon.
We had a small bout of psylla this spring, could it be an egg sac of some kind? Any advice is appreciated!

Looks kind of like a praying mantis egg case to me. If it is, treat it kindly and welcome the new friends into the garden to hunt your psylla in the spring.


Oh no… I noticed the same sack on mine also and thought it was some sort of parasite so I destroyed it. A yellow yolky substance came out. I noticed a preying mantis in the area, so what you say makes complete sense.

@zendog,Thanks for responding! Looking at some pictures online, I think that’s definitely what it is. They will eat well next year.
I’m glad they laid their nest in my persimmon tree, and not the dead plants I just raked out for winter.