Some kinda Palm...with


First year of fruiting, I guess. Now what?


Got a further back pic? dates and pindos are really the only ones you would eat. Well besides coconuts.


It’s my friend’s tree way out in the country…she just posted these photos, so it’s all I have. Her daughter used to eat ‘peach palm’ fruit. Somewhere I read that some palms with small fruit are ‘sugar palms’; also that palm fruit is either sweet or bitter and, I guess that’s how one determines whether or not to eat. Nothing mentioned about poisonous.


They might actually be flowers blooming.


Cool. Are these in the Willamette Valley area?


Yes, I’ll bet that’s it. Maybe ‘fruit’ later??


The best way to describe this is that she lives in the hills south of Burnt Woods, which is on the coast side of the Coast Range west of central Willamette Valley. So, she get a milder and rainier version of the valley, plus cooler because of some elevation. It’s difficult to describe her place but I’ll say it has a diverse orchard, etc., planted years ago. Depending on the year, ya never know what yer gona get. This year it’s some kind of palm tree ‘flowers.’


I saw this on a palm tree while Mother’s Day lunch up on mill plain in Vancouver. Went home and low and behold one of my three palm trees has this on it too. Looked like some kind of seeds on end as I touched them some kind of pollen and seeds came off.


@murky can’t remember if your in vancouver/camas area. If so cathedral bell Mexican restaurant on mill plain and 164. Next to chick fil a in parking lot, look for palm tree.


Yes, I work within spitting distance of the Church of Beer. I’ll have to check it out.


So ‘seeds’ kinda mean no fruit forthcoming, I think. I’ll break the sad news to her daughter. Thanks for the input!


Really small almost like bb’s but smaller this was on end I didn’t mess with them.


I’ll have to wait’n see with this to find out what, if anything they turn into and if they are viable to start new trees. That would be kinda fun. Also, I wonder if another palm in the area would pollinize them or if it needs it. I don’t remember if there are more than one out there.


I think it looks like its flowering.


Thanks…and here’s another one regarding these seeds…are they or can they be little fruit? A Thai palm has little fruit that are sweet. It seems that a little bite to check out sweetness would be OK.…0…1…gws-wiz…0i71j0i67j0j0i22i30j0i7i30j0i30j0i8i30.Qhx8dLahD10