Some pears have backup blooms

My small yellow unknown pear among others have a backup plan if their first blooms fail. Look closely how they flower. In modern agriculture a crop that does not all ripen at the same time is considered a bad thing. Nature had a very different plan. These pears don’t open all their flowers at the same time. They sometimes produce other flowers in the summer and sometimes addition tiny fruit in the fall.

Tyson staggered it’s blooms as well this year as shown below

Potomac as a comparison are very uniform


My Turnbul giant has a very long bloom period


Pretty neat! Last year a lady asked me to send her scions from my pear trees, Asian and Bartlett. When I took the Bartlett scions I found it challenging to find scions with mostly growth buds. I also noticed some new suckers growing from the base of the tree. I decided to not use the suckers. Then this week as we observed the flowers, we noticed a very strange unusual flower on the two suckers! In researching what they could be I determined they are Quince. So I will let them try to fruit this year since I have no Quince trees. Maybe I will air layer one and start a new tree from it. Here a I pic showing the two types of blossoms

If you would be interested in trading this next spring let me know, I would like to obtain your three shown.
Dennis Dowdy
Kent, Wa

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similar - golden amber apricot has a 30 day bloom period, it’s supposed to be one of the passable ones for the maritime northwest because of this

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Clark I was wondering about that, (different blossoms opening early and later) my two apples do that.

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It’s a wise design by nature. Last year was the first year we saw complete loss of fruit because it takes multiple back to back freezes to wipe out all of the blossoms. Today Is 4 24 21 and some of those blossoms have not began to open yet.