Some tomatoes yellowish

Same batch, Same area of the garden. My seedlings did get a bit leggy, because they spent too long in their pots, but I planted them out a week ago. Most of them seem to be OK, and slowly looking better.

A couple, like this one, are a bit yellow.

Some however, have actually turned more yellowish since I transplanted them. What gives?

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Perhaps some of the potted plants had more roots grown to the inner surface of the pot, and were directly exposed during the transplanting, incurring more shock.

They don’t look too bad, and some varieties just don’t look as robust as others. They’re prob going through some transplant shock. Did you harden them off before planting them?

They recovered. An Opalka already set.

Keep an eye on those for blossom end rot. My Opalka are the worst with it. Although with the ground deeply soaked right now you won’t have as much varying moisture in the soil which I find to be the trigger with mine.

This year I’m trying some Opalka grafted onto rootstock growing right next to one on its own roots to see if it helps reduce BER.

Let us know how they do for you.

I didn’t have any BER last year on San Marzano, which is also prone to it. I think my soil has a lot of calcium in it, which is also a big part of it.