Some Vegies and Herbs


It was never really meant for eating. Buddhists grew it for its Fragrance only, which it why is was replicated in porcelain as a temple or altar fruit; of which I have many. I have collected Buddhas’ hand porcelains for 40 years. Smell, don’t eat. :partying_face:. The fragrance was pleasing. Which it is. Look up Citron in American cooking and you will find the lumpy lemon that is not Buddah’s Hand.


That’s the appearance of the Seville cultivar of Citron. Its predecessor(s) were widely grown in the middle east and have a role in both Jewish and Muslim cultures. It also came from China and is one of the fundamental genetic forms of Citrus.


Gettin’ fancy schmancy with the lettuce…


Baby butternut squash


@Richard, your irrigation still makes me smile - don’t know why - maybe because it is so sophisticated. :blush:
Anyway, my butternuts are finishing. I could do another crop but we don’t eat that much.

Cukes have reached the giveaway stage.
Winter scallions just up. Best germination I’ve had on alliums although it is kinda hard to see here. First time I’ve saved my own seeds on these.


My butternut seeds just sprouted


Got milkweed?


Here’s the two Baby Butternut plants trained in tomato cages :slightly_smiling_face: