Some Vegies and Herbs


Anne it is so good. First had it in Ireland. Chilly morning on toast. Nothing like it!!!


I’m just looking at some of these pictures, and realizing that although my garden is very functional, it’s nowhere near as “pretty” as many of yours are.


I can never get rid of it’s bitterness by boiling and changing water several times. Is there speed way to process it, or I have to live with the bitterness


That’s why Orange peel was substituted for Citron in US marmalade products.

Citron is sometimes used as rootstock so be careful of unnamed plants.

The cultivar Seville is less bitter – in the sense of Oroblanco grapefruit.

Chinese use of the Budda’s Hand mutant – both pickled and candied – dates millennia before the Israelites. Most cooks prefer it.


Thanks Richard for the explanation. I do grow budda’s hand in pot, but never grow enough fruits for me to make anything


Sounds like in your conditions they are also small-fruited. I’m accustom to 5" long fruits – one is enough for a pint of marmalade.


12/6/2011 harvest


It tastes like citrus?


It is excellent candied and dipped in dark chocolate!


As you know it is a classic buddhist temple fruit used for the offering altar. Prized for its fragrance.


It is a citrus - a mutant of Citron (C. medica). Budda’s Hand is valued for the rind. There is little to no flesh in those fingers. The small amount of flesh it has near the stem end is bitter.


When cauliflower last in the dooryard bloomed :slight_smile:


I picked this butternut squash November 2017
So it’s One year ,four months old.
This is not the 2018 crop, it’s from 2017 !
2 weeks ago it looked good, today it is wrinkling and has a soft spot .
Chicken feed today.
Just wanted to see how long that one would keep siting in my garage
I normally keep them till April

Also last week I ate a water melon from the garage , not real sweet, but edible.
I am amazed at how long some things keep.


This reminds me to pull out a butternut squash for dinner sometime this week. I also store them until March April. I still have 6 more I think. Should last me longer than April this time. I have to remember to eat one every few weeks.


Mostly small potatoes :laughing:



I use those babies in my Pot Roast,DELICIOUS!!!


@dutch-s LOL. Those Blue Adirondacks will dye everything in a stew dark blue. What a taste though.

Here’s the Red Norlands I harvested today. :slight_smile:


Last of the season :slightly_smiling_face:


Summer milkweeds, fireweed, tomatoes, and baby squash seed starts.


Everybody’s up except the Fireweed :roll_eyes: