Some Vegies and Herbs


I harvested the turmeric in the pot shown in the photo above,
After cleaning the dirt off ,I put the roots back in the pot. And it was just a little under 1/2 full of just the roots. ,! No wonder it was bursting at the seams ! Best crop yet !
I have a couple dozen such pots.

I have been just cutting up raw roots and adding to meals,
Who has info on processing turmeric , what do you do with your turmeric ?
Recipes ?
And yes I have some to trade.


Puree it with about equal part lime or lemon juice plus 1/4 as much oil and let it sit for hours, then use as a basting mixture.


East Indian and Mexican dishes!


I’ve noticed that one of the local Mexican deli’s will grind tumeric and pepper it on chicken during roasting.


Tumeric has such a strong taste (and dye color). I personally do not like it in any dishes but for health’s sake, I’ve eaten some in a powder or tablet form.


Very encouraging. I have never grown this plant but always wondered if I can grow tumeric myself. How many roots did you plan in each pot?


@IL847. ( " how many root did you plant in each pot ")

Not sure how many ? But in the photo you can see the roots to the right that I snapped off of what looks like a " crown piece" older looking root .
These " crowns" are above the pot in photo .
There are 5 or so of them , so maybe I planted 5 or so little roots in this pot.
Other pots maybe only one ?
Or maybe multiple buds grew from one root , as they were kind of stuck together ?


Winter germination set up.


That’s awesome. Did you buy that or build it yourself? I would be Very interested to know . Thnx


I bought the stand, T-5 fixture, 6500K color temperature bulbs, and 4’ folding table separately.


I found a table and the light. Do you remember where the light stand came from?


Here is a photo of some ( a lot) of ginger in a big pot with a ponderosa lemon tree. You can see the trunck to the right of the lemon. Tree is 10 + yrs old ~4ft , had 10 or so of these very large lemons on it this year.
While they are big, I find them very low quality .it is my most productive indoor citrus, and quite the conservation piece. The ginger does quite well with citrus in a pot. The roots stay near the surface and are easy to pick.
Turmeric is not a good companion as the roots go deep and must be " dug"d This is getting to be too much ginger in there , I will harvest it soon and replant a few roots back in the pot , it’s likely been in there several years


Yes, but apparently they no longer sell them. I believe it’s distributed by Hydrofarm. If I was at home I’d take a picture of the label! Be sure to obtain a cordless model so your voltage won’t be limited.


I forgot to mention I have a high wattage digital A/C timer for the lights and a digital temperature-probe controller for the heat mats – the kind often sold for reptile terrariums.


I buy fresh turmeric roots at the local asian grocery store to use in smoothies for the health benefits. It is a good anti-inflammatory and has also been shown to have positive effects lowering cholesterol and some other health benefits. I put a small piece of ginger and a small piece of turmeric in my smoothies almost every day. When I buy it, I generally put what I think I’ll use quickly in the fridge and then just freeze the rest of the roots. I have a ruptured disk in my lower back and since I’ve started adding these two things to my smoothies, the discomfort is almost completely gone and only bothers me if I really overdo it or lift something heavy in an awkward way, etc. While there is no guarantee it is actually the turmeric/ginger doing what I think it is, I have suggested it to someone else I know with a back issue and, while they were pretty dubious, they’ve seen a similar improvement, so for now I’m convinced to keep it up.

I wasn’t entirely in love with the added taste when I first added the turmeric and ginger, but have really grown to like the taste and when I make it without the smoothies just taste too sweet now.

Looks like I’ll have to start growing it!


Atorvastatin is also a good control for high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Harvested 4 lbs ginger from one pot just today and made candied ginger with my twin g-kids. Only used about 1 lbs and that made a lot.
I understand you can make candied orange or lemon peels which I’d like to try at some point with the Owari Satsuma which I have been harvesting. I have used the peel in stir fries since it’s not been contaminated by sprays. Orange peel is also considered a digestive in Chinese medicine. :blush:


Candied Citron peel is an ancient treat. At some point it worked it’s way into the Festival Of Tabernacles.


Anne if you have never had Ginger Marmalade, I believe it might be right for you. You need a good amount to make it and you have it. What a great gift!!! Anyway, thought I’d pass that idea along. :blush:


Haha, I’m on it. LOL. Ho Ho Ho. :blush: