Some Vegies and Herbs


Harvest these today and made this:

Into this:
(Used @IowaJer recipe further up on this thread. Changed it slightly to use what I had at hand)
Will report back on taste. :grin:


When you go out to check on the squash and return with 7 lbs :grinning:


I planted mine late but they are growing now. Great pollination so \I should be getting a number of them. So old fashioned and delicious!


When you procrastinate cutting back sweet potato vines, before and after :smile:


Hire a groundhog!


Did you make anything with the sweet potato leaves? They are edible.


No. I’m not that hungry.


the leaves are quite good rather rich smoky


Greek Basil in our herb bed today.


I went out to pick a few eggplants and came back with a half dozen, plus green beans, patty-pan squash, black tomatoes, pie pumpkins, and chili peppers!


I went out today to clean up the vegie beds a bit and pick what was available. :slight_smile:

I found a single patty-pan squash and a lot of Italian flat beans, and I also pulled the plants since they appear done for the season. Our brussels sprouts are just starting to get “up to size” so I picked a few – the plants are still going strong. The japanese black eggplant is growing and producing like it’s Spring. There was also a horde of “Highlander” chili peppers – the jury is still out on whether the plant will over-winter. No ripe tomatoes or pimento peppers today but each plant has a dozen. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll start working on the tubers.


I found one and only one small green patty pan yesterday; for the entire summer; I planted too late, but it was so good and sweet.?


Most of us in the continental U.S. had an abbreviated growing season.


Not here! My butternuts are starting new vines and looking like they want to set more fruits


Same here. I’ve had some failures this year. Mostly from copius amounts of rain. But otherwise a pretty good productive year.


Looks like a good year for turmeric !

Have not looked inside the pots yet , did not have to… but I bet they are full of roots !
Just bringing in , frost soon. Looks to be the best crop yet


That’s impressive. You are only half a zone warmer but seem to have better weather, unless you have a greenhouse.

I brought my ginger plants in since early Nov when temp was in the low 30. We had 8F on Thanksgiving. My gingers have not done well, 3 died, 2 have survived. I believe I left them outside too long.


I will harvest and take some photos soon.
The trick to turmeric , it seems ,is to get it growing EARLY by putting it in a VERY warm place in early spring ,until it starts to grow, these were grown out side in pots all summer , bottom watering ( sitting in an inch of water)
Plants got 3 - 4 ft tall,

I do real good with ginger too. I grow it in large pots as a companion to citrus trees that are brought inside for the winter. They seem to grow well together.


They have the same native environment :slight_smile:


Yep. This year I put it in the main garden and it grew over 6’. The G-kids and I harvested it, washed it, and I remember thinking: WTH, I haven’t even dented all that I harvested last year, What am I going to do with all this? Well, good education for the G-kids, I guess. No need to do this one again.
THEN, I get a call from DIL. They were all sick (Thanksgiving hangover?), losing their cookies from both ends and asthma-like respiratory issues. I harvested some ginger, took the turmeric with me and showed the G-kids how to make a tea (wash, fine grate, boil well, strain, sweeten with honey) and gave it to mom, dad and little Evie who were the worst smitten. All reported noticeable improvement in short order. So…I guess I should grow turmeric again, just in case. :blush:

I’ve treated ginger and turmeric like potatoes. You could bring them in, or, just cover them and harvest the roots later to replant in the spring. To regrow, I set root pieces in pots on a heat mat set at about 80 deg, and the cycle continues…just like potatoes. :blush: