Some Vegies and Herbs


Yacon, yeah it is a beast. Probably need to find help getting it out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Galangal, def has a perfume element to it compared to ginger and a tongue numbing effect which I guess is helpful if you include the really hot peppers in your dish. Not a fit here.
Turmeric, we can get in the ethnic markets but it looks really sorry, old, no turgor. Growing my own will give it a fair trial. :blush: Have you grown it?
Does the Asian Citrus Psyllid damage the Curry Leaf plant? Once I had a problem with spider mites, but now all looks well.


We’re spoiled – the tumeric sold here is fresh. The ACP can damage curry tree, but even worse it is the carrier of Citrus Greening Disease.


Your curry leaf plant looks great! I had one growing in a pot for couple of years. Never looked that good. It struggled for the longest time and finally gave up and died on me after I moved it to a different pot. I guess they don’t like getting transplanted. I’ve been watching local Indian grocery stores to see if I can find one again. Do you normally spray the leaves with water to keep them from drying out in the winter?


Botanical information for Curry Leaf (Bergera koenigii)


They can get spider mites though, so everything that comes in gets a soil drench and sprayed.
I don’t think transplanting is a problem for them as long as you tent them and keep them in very low light for 4-7 days. You can remove some leaves but in the case of that plant the leaves are precious so I tent instead.
I think there is a grower in your area, maybe he’s in NJ that has several varieties. Some are even dwarf. I found him on the internet some time ago and planned to visit when I went up to see my sister in Philly…but just ordered online instead. :blush:
Whoops. I think one of mine has seeds (I’ll recheck tomorrow) which I’m happy to send you.


Thank you. That would be great but do you think it’s possible to get them growing from seeds? I’ve only heard people multiplying them by suckers not seeds.


They’re easy to start from seed. However, it’ll take 3-4 years for them to gain enough size to begin harvests.


The seed pods are not yet ripe.

Richard, The variety I have is Murraya koenigii. I’ve only had this 2 years from seed and I’ve harvested a bunch from it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Susu There is a lady who grows these from seed and sells them at a plant sale 1st week in Oct somewhere in the western suburbs of Philly. I’ll get the address and times for you if you want. You are welcome to mine too. They are easy to grow from seeds but I’ll have to find out from her when to harvest the pods and how to extract them and any growing tips for you. I’ve not done it myself.!


That is an old synonym for Bergera koenigii.

Wow, it loves your garden! :slight_smile:


I think my best bet is to try and find a plant. Starting from seeds and nurturing a seedling probably wouldn’t work. So if you could find the address for me, I’d appreciate it. Plus who knows what else is there. Have to check it out :slightly_smiling_face:


Typical Tumeric offered here


Wow. Look at those nice grow points!
We have another month until frost at which time I’ll experiment with cooking with the freshly harvested roots.
Speaking of roots, my yacon beast is not staying in his lane. Is there some advantage to waiting to frost to harvesting it?


“yacon beast” … LOL.

At six foot, I think you have serious tubers underground.


We are fixin’ to get a LOT of rain, some from Nate too, so I pulled the Yacon.
Funny how they look like the sweet potatoes I pulled the day before.
The tubers were nicely formed and not oversized. Apparently, like sweet potatoes, they develop more sweetness after setting for a month.
The roots on the left I have yet to figure out as far as the growing points are concerned. Some grow points appear to be on the bottom and pointing sideways. I have to get back to it. Did this all in haste to beat the rain.


Very nice!


Holy cow! They did it! They ripened. I’ll send them straightaway. @Susu please PM your address.
And it looks like more are yet to ripen if anyone else wants to give it a go.


The berries should be fresh, plump and need to turn black before the seeds become viable.


Here are my plants


Those are beautiful, Vinod.
I’ll be bringing mine in within the next month and repot the runners. I try to keep them small just for convenience of transport.


Since Citrus is viable (and present) in your yard, I highly recommend you set up a trap and start monitoring for Asian Citrus Psyllid. Curry Leaf is the primary host.