Some Vegies and Herbs


Processed the Curry Leaf and prepped to bring in. Here is before. 5 gal bucket for scale.
And the point of the exercise…Curry Leaf seasoning oil…yum.


Just ordered some leaves today!




Yes from an Indian market on the internet. :grinning:


Yacón, six feet high and blooming :slight_smile:


Nice, Richard.
Do you know the variety?
I read you should allow them to ‘cure’ for a month after harvest to increase sweetness. We did and had them 2 nights ago in a salad and they were delicious!!! Haven’t put them in a stri fry yet but plan to. Will def plant as much as I can next year…well, need to see how long they keep in storage first. And if they store well,… well then move over sweet potatoes.


I believe these are simply the species – no particular cultivar.

In a root cellar, or …?


These folks list a number of varieties.
Mine is Morado. Unfortunately they had a flood which they say destroyed their crop so none will be available until fall of 2018. Everything is ‘sold out’. They do, however, have excellent and detailed info on growing and storing yacon and their other offerings.

Haha, too close to sea level for such a luxury. I have been watching them and doing them like sweet potatoes or other bulb-like harvests. In my experience managing humidity is key and I use a combo of newspaper(drying, when air is humid) and grocery bags(moisture retention when heat dries the air) depending on the time of year. And just check them all over when I go to use them.


This year’s sweet potato harvest :slight_smile:


Today we harvested nearly 5 gallons of yacón tubers. :slight_smile:


Washed and drying, mostly yacón with sweet potatoes on the far right.


Black Krim tomatoes. About twice this many are still ripening on the plant. :slight_smile:


The last of the Guajillo peppers … George Washington approved :wink:


Chili+tomato+yacón rellenos casserole.


Here’s my plan for 2018:


Still harvesting Black Krim tomatoes.


5 lbs Black Krim tomatoes, 1 quart loose Columnar Basil leaves, and (store bought) 1 fist Garlic, 2 tsps each Black Pepper & Sea Salt, plus 1 new food processor ==> about 1/2 gallon Marinara Sauce. :slight_smile:


Still harvesting Black Krim tomatoes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Richard, what would you do with almost green ones? I had Cherokee chocolate with the same habit of uneven ripening and cracking - they never had a chance to ripe on shelf, always get bad before they ready.


The external skin is sporting a green crown but internally they’re completely ripe. Here’s a view from the bottoms: