Some Vegies and Herbs


Oh, interesting!


Adirondack Blue and Dark Red Norland seed potatoes – from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.


Today I cut back and harvested our galangal – about 4 buckets altogether. :slight_smile:


Today I planted red and purple seed potato in two partitions of our tuber bed. Afterwards I irrigated and enclosed the bed in mesh to keep our lizard-hunting dogs out. :slight_smile:


This afternoon we planted white-fleshed sweet potato starts next to the purple potatoes. :slight_smile:


Of course Janet couldn’t resist taking some candid photos …


Red and purple potatoes are a comin’


Are you doing yacon this year?
I checked on last years crown in early February, I think, and it had started to sprout. The good news is that the crown without sprouts gave NO clues where the growing points were, so I was glad to get some hints - and the sprouting locations still seemed to be placed ramdomly on the crown. :thinking:
The bad news is that I shouldn’t oughta been messin’ with it in Feb. Shoulda bagged it back up and put it in the dark til April, but no. Tried to separate it into chunks textbook style. Ha, I had to use a bandsaw to separate them. I placed the sections in soft potting mix thinking, “with that kinda abuse I’m lucky if they do for me at all.” :thinking:
Everyone of them came up in no time at all… :roll_eyes:…in Feb - they don’t go out til May here. Needless to say I’m setting out 3’ trees…tomorrow, in fact, already needing supports. Sheesh. Lesson learned.


No yacon this year – purple potatoes instead.


Our licorice plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is growing rapidly this spring. :slight_smile:


Do you harvest and use the root?


It’ll be the first time this coming Fall. :slight_smile:


Seeds to be planted for the summer vegie garden.

What veggies are you planting out in 2018?



Our true potatoes are coming right along, almost time to apply tuber booster.


Rise and shine!


Here’s our seedings and # of days to sprout indoors.

2018 seeding days to sprout


Meant to ask this before: Why have you waited so long to plant seeds?


Because I can, and I’m great at procrastinating. :grinning:

My feeble excuse is that we spent all of April preparing for the house party on 4/29. :thinking:


Cleveland Sage in bloom