Some Vegies and Herbs


Very Pretty,


I had to hedge-prune our Sun Gold tomato yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:


How do people use sage? I have a mountain of it out front.


Fresh and sparingly – unless you’re doing an overnight sage rub on beef. Make sure it’s true sage and not wormwood!


Greek Calamint


What did you feed this monster tomato?


I feed a very low dose every time I water through an irrigation injection (fertigation) system. Typically 5 lbs of water-soluble 16-8-24 + an acidifier for every 4500 gallons of irrigation water – about 5 weeks of water for my fruiting plants this time of year.


The Solaneae came a one by one …


Richard, your irrigation system works very well!


Finally got my veggie gardens planted:

The lower garden and the upper/kitchen garden which is 50% onions this year.


Today I added “tuber bulker” to the fertigation for our tuber bed. Those plants will receive 32,133,25 ppm of N,P,K + minors, micros, and PGRs over the next month of irrigation.


Richard you are out of control! Killer setup.


Where did you get this fertilizer? Amazon has the brand, but not that particular kind, only place Ii see it is alibaba.


Wow, neat and beautiful!


It is available in pallet quantities from the factory. I once sold it to farmers. I kept about a 1/4 pallet for myself when I retired.


Jumbo Bush Beans, Lima Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Japanese Greens, New England Pie Pumpkin (6"), Patty Pan Squash planted in 32" wide partitions. :slight_smile:


Pruned the true potatoes yesterday.


Interesting. This is the first I have heard about pruning potatoes. Can you elaborate on how and why one would do it? Thanks


At this stage of growth in commercially managed farms, the nitrogen input is reduced and the phosphate is tripled to promote tuber production. To avoid loss of phosphate to blooming, the potato vines are cut to a few nodes above ground level, typically by a thresher or a walk-behind weed whip. In a few weeks the normal levels of nitrogen/phosphate are resumed.


Thanks. I had not heard about practice before, will have to give it a try.

I’m guessing that your potato plants were at the pre-bloom stage when you pruned them (it’s hard to figure what growing stage S CA would be at from my Northern clime).

And I assume since you go to the trouble to do this, you’ve found it helps yields. Any ballpark improvement numbers you can toss out?