Some Vegies and Herbs


My patty pans will be flowering soon! Along with my Potirons! Can’t wait!


Six more pounds of Patty Pan squash and an overgrown Greek Basil :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like there might be some pesto in your future. I need to do my 2nd harvest today.


That is one of my favorite squashes!


Happiness is a surplus of Bennings Green Patty Pan squash. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine went in late flowers just starting but I have 3 months, unless my house sells! Cross your fingers!


These are a few of my Patty pans. Also zucchinis, cucumbers, onions, an eggplant, and potatoes. I have had a lot of all of them!


I believe those are Patty Pan x Crookneck ?


The yellow ones are “Sunburst Hybrid Summer Squash” from Burpee. Billed as resistant to squash vine borer, which is a big problem in my yard. I’m not sure if you have them in your environment, but I have never gotten an acorn squash, hubbard squash, or normal pumpkin because of them. I tried Long Island Cheese pumpkins this year, which should also be resistant, and have three large pumpkins just starting to change color. Never had them effect butternut.
I won second prise for a spaghetti squash three years ago in the county fair. Had like 20 of them that year but haven’t been able to grow one since.


All of your veg’s are beautiful and well grown! Will you pickle any cukes?


First harvest of Nabechan bunching onion. The scent is heavenly!


Yes, I made two large mason jars of refrigerator pickles so far. I will make bread and butter pickles hopefully this weekend if I get a chance. I have never been able to match up the cucumber harvest with the dill harvest. I seem to plant dill to early so that it is in flower and seed by the time I need it to make pickles. I started a notebook to keep track so hopefully I will get it right next year.

A patch of dill has colonized a region of my garden, which I find pretty cool.

Do you have a favorite pickle recipe you would like to share? I have about 15 cucumbers I need to use up.


Last night’s harvest.

From the left. Zucchinis, cucumber, little finger eggplant, Jimmy Nardolo (sp?) peppers, King of the North peppers, Jalapeno peppers. More patty pan, eggplant, and various tomatoes behind.


Your bunching onion is bigger than my leeks! Jealous.


I use the flowers in my jars too, they look great!


Jim, I did 15 Jars of these this year and everyone including me LOVED them…


Green bunching onion, Italian flat beans, Japanese eggplant :slightly_smiling_face:


From this evening


I’ll give them a shot this weekend and let you know. Thanks for the recommendation.


Developing cauliflower head, about softball size so far.