Somebody didn't thin enough. Williams Pride

I like this apple but I wish I could do a better job determining when to pick them.


If you pick a little early and they are more tart than you like… slice them up and sautee them in some butter and add a bit of maple syrup, cinamon…


If it is William’s Pride, ripened ones turn solid red for me and we don’t even have strong sun here.

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I’ve only had a few in previous years make it to the dark stage before internal damage. They were really good tasting. These are too early to expect them to be ripe but I picked a couple to thin and they tasted like a good pie could be made from them.

I do not have that internal rot with apple (black rot?). It seems to be an issue in a southern part of the country. I have a water core once in a while. I don’t mind it.

I removed my WP trees but put a graft on my dwarf apple tree last year. It has fruit now. I will keep a couple of apples. The graft is growing well.

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