Sorbus domestica

Anyone have any experiencce growing this tree in the US? I bought one for craps and giggles and plan to try it out here. Any idea what might be graftable to these guys? Shipova or pears maybe?


I grow them, but mine aren’t anywhere near mature size. They are upright and vigorous enough they could be used as timber trees. Give it space and plant where you will be able to have open ground below for harvesting fruit as it falls to the ground.

Side note: They appear to set seedless fruit if planted alone or fruit with seeds if planted in groups.

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How long did it take for yours to fruit? I was thinking about getting one myself, but only found one place carrying them (always out of stock).

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Who was selling them? I haven’t seen anyone selling them other than the ones at my nursery.

I’ve only seen it in stock one time and it never came back. Is the fruit any good?

There was another small shop selling them, but can’t remember who it was.

The fruit is very unique. In my opinion it’s good enough to eat when it’s convenient and I would plant it for diversity. I think it’s a good tree to plant for livestock because it blankets the ground in fruit when in season.

@Robert Was this the small shop you saw selling them? If so that’s me.

No, that was not it, but there was a couple items that caught my eye while I was just there.

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I am growing a few trees from seed, only two years old and maybe 8 inches tall though, so will be a while before they fruit. They were pretty easy to germinate in the fridge though.

I got the seeds from Ben Kunes, whom I believe is propagating them for Burnt Ridge. He sends seeds for free if you would like, and may also be able to answer questions about grafting. I think he is a member here but his contact info is also on his instagram:

I emailed him forever ago and never received
a response.