Sorry everyone, There will be no Apples or European Plums at The Arboreum for this Spring

Hi everyone

I received an email from The Arboreum on Tues. confirming that they received my order.
I wrote back asking when they were going to post their euro plums and they sent the following back to me this morning.

For this year we did not make any cherries, for next year’s sales we did not make any apples or European plums … these are the most drought-intolerant of our stock and so we have reduced our water burden. If the rain returns to the way we remember it, we will be back with the full line of varieties. While we will be adding some further varieties and figs and umes to our website for the coming season, there will be no European plums. Sorry.

The gnomes at The Arboreum Company


Good thing I got the Pearl gage plum when I had the chance!

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To bad the right amount of resources was not in the right place. A country wide water pipeline would be nice or more Desalination Plants. We get over 30" annual rainfall at my location in Kansas which is enough. Poor California!