Sour cherry tree droping pea-size fruit

My sour cherry doing it every year, some years particularly bad, like this one. It flowers heavily, drop some flowers right after the blooming time and starts developing berries. Most of them however stop developing at a size of a small pea- they first stop growing, than getting yellowish, than drop. From ton of berries I now have may be handful of berries on whole tree. Any idea what it could be? Bad berries do not look affected by any fungus, just stop developing and eventually drop.

Sounds like a pollination problem or a young tree. Typically even young trees keep there cherries. What is the variety? Is it self pollinating?

It is self-pollinated, semi-dwarf North star planted as potted tree in 2011, it is producing(if you can call it producing) for several years already…

My northstars are similarly unproductive and I’m going to graft them over to Montmorency next year.

I had Montmorency before, but it died due to canker. I planted two romance cherries, and when they start producing i guess I will have to clear the space from North star - it is really not worse it… But I try to figure out if there are some important steps I am missing for successful fruiting.

I suspect it is partially self pollinating. I was going to graft a limb of Montmorency on the tree first and see if that met the needs for pollination.

I thought if flower is not pollinated it drops without forming a berry. Are you saying that tree can start to develop not pollinated fruit and drop it at certain size?

Could be weather related pollination problems?

Yes, it could, it was bellow freezing while it was in bud stage. But again, same question - can we blame bad pollination if fruit already started to develop and died latter?

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Yes lack of pollination causes small fruit to develop and then drop.

Thanks, I didn’t know that… That explains the lack of fruit this year - the spring was really crazy.

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Your welcome. Here are a few links that will help explain the process.,3749757&hl=en