Sour girl, sour cherries

I love sour cherries for preserves, syrups, and cooking. My daughter actually likes eating them fresh, and she don’t like to eat sweet cherries. I came home with a bag of Evans cherries for canning and had to put it away so she wouldn’t put a dent on it.

I mean I like them well enough that while picking them off the tree I’ll munch on a few here and there, but if they were sweet cherries I would eat enough to give me a belly ache. I have done that with peaches.


i like them all right from the tree. i like sweets too. monty has the best flavor of all 4 cultivars i grow as of this summer. then its juliet, romeo and c.j. havent gotten enough to process yet so that will change im sure. like the sours acidity. cant wait to be able to make the juice.

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Same here, my young bushes are barely producing. So far I have bought four pounds of a montmorency-looking cherry (less sweet than Montys I have tried) and 3 pounds of Evans waiting to be processed. Both were $5 a pound. I’ll probably get another four pounds before the season is over and complaint that I didn’t get enough when I run out.

I like making juice. It takes a cup of preserves for a quart of juice which means I can really go through it in a hurry.

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I like the sour cherrys too, when fully ripe some often get a bit of a tasty sweet/tart combo i like!
We have a big old sour cherry, I do not know the cultivar, but its sour fruit I much prefer over storebought bing. But I hope my young sweet trees will also be better than the storebought stuff. :slight_smile:

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My favorites too! Nothing like Montmorency jam! I am replacing my sick apple witheva Montmorency !


Good choice in my opinion @mrsg47 ! :slight_smile:

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