Source for Jujube trees in northern Denmark 6A?

First post here.
My name is Jakob and I am located in northern Denmark.
I have quite a few fruit trees in my backyard orchard, but i am still missing a Jujube tree.
I have read good things about the Honey jar variety, but i would love some input, at to which variety would be good in my climate. (the lowest temp. we get is about -15C for a few days some years).

Also, where do i get these trees? I cannot find any EU nursery that carry them

Thank you.


Hi Jakob, welcome to GrowingFruit! Perhaps @DroppingFruit or some of the other EU members will have an answer for you.

You might plant it against a south facing wall, they love heat and dryish soil.

One of the very successful Euro jujube growers on this forum is @Harbin. I have not seen him posted much recently. Hopefully, he will chime in to help you.

Also, another European member, @Luisport is knowledgeable about sources of fruit trees in Europe. He also grows jujubes.

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i don’t think you will have warm enough summers to ripen Jujubes… If I am wrong I will start growing some.

shows Denmark at around 1500 F growing degrees
Czech Republic at around 2000

Im not into jujubes as you can tell but I like most of what limbach nursery offers.


Hi Jakob,

I live in southern Denmark and I have tried growing many Jujube varieties but I think it is impossible.
Our summers lacks heat and the jujube also dislikes our winters. I can grow them for a few years but sooner or later the plants die. Maybe the plants will survive where figs will thrive but they really need hot summers in order to set fruits.


None are good for your climate. The limiting factor is not your winter tenmperature. The limiting factor is your lack of heat in summer. Jujube trees will grow for you but fruit will not mature without strong sun and abundant heat.

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build a large greenhouse and plant them in there along with figs.


Thank you very much for the insight.
It seems i need to look for another thing to plant​:grinning::grinning:


I took a look and was surprised to see Huping as the only one offered by them. NMSU classifies it as a drying variety and in my own experience it doesn’t produce that well and what it did make wasn’t very good for fresh eating. They also offer seedlings, which sound better than Huping.

I did a search for jujube on their site and they also list Lang, Li, Dragon, and Chun as not being available. I’ve never heard of Chun. Anyone know anything about it? The site says it is suitable for fresh eating as well as drying, but they say the same thing about Huping, so I’d be skeptical.

This could certainly be true for some varieties like GA866, but it’s possible that some others like Bok Jo, Honey Jar, and Black Sea might do OK.

In one of Prof Yao’s papers she mentioned that an average annual temp of 50F is generally considered the minimum for an area to be considered viable for commercial jujube cultivation. I was able to find some detailed maps for my area and I am at almost exactly 50F (the Northernmost county in the 50+ band, at least in my area). Boston and Seattle also qualify. They both have cooler summers- is anyone growing jujubes successfully in those areas?