Source of creeping phlox seeds

Can it be grown from seeds? I wanted to renew my small terraces on the hill where creeping phlox was disturbed in fall by rebuilding project and mostly didn’t survive the winter. Walmart - $12 for low and and narrow and long tub, it didn’t even fit where I need it. Home depot - I was laughing out loud… 4(!!!) GALLON tall pot. And it is not decorative Easter ornament. It is black dirty nursery pot… I didn’t even check the price… Are they crazy?

Buy the plants. They are inexpensive and are sold at Home Depot type stores.

At my HD, a pot costs $8-9. If one needs several pots to cover an area, it can be quite expensive.

Did you read my post? :wink: I wanted to buy a plant. Just not 4 gallon one)
The problem is - now is a right time to plant them in my condition. They grow on small terraces and if planted in May( time when they readily available) it will be too hot for them to get established.