Source of dwarf White Transparent-Yellow transparennt-Papirovka?

I am looking for a source of dwarf apple tree that was named “Papirovka”(Or Belyi Naliv) back home in Russia, here in US it could be White transparent or Yellow transparent. As everything in my toy-sized yard it has to be dwarf. What I see online the best is semi-dwarf. Anybody know where I can order it on dwarf root stock?

The combo of a 50% rootstock (G.202) and the reduced growth rate of this selection would suggest it would stay relatively small. Geneva roots “should” help induce early bearing which will help to keep it small.

Yes, I looked at those, but I have future apple row that has just 5 feet between the trees(for 3 trees), and also established dwarf plum, dwarf apricot, and dwarf sour cherry tree in another row just 8 feet apart form apple row. I don’t think I can do anything bigger than 25% - this is what other two apple trees would be. I am afraid if I mix 50% in, it will dominate and affect other two. Any thoughts?

I’m not familiar with that particular selection of Yellow Transparent. The more common version is a vigorous tree, but susceptible to fireblight with good sized apples. Given the FB concerns, Bud9 may be a good choice for the common Yellow Transparent. It should produce a tree 8-10 feet tall. A 4 to 5 foot space in the row should work well. M9 is slightly larger but the rootstock is more sensitive to FB. G11 and G41 should both produce a tree slightly larger than B9 with a rootstock that is less susceptible to FB.

Yes, this is what I am looking for, G11 and G41 - this is what my other two trees will
l be… But no luck so far.

It seems Cummins really narrowed down the selection of the rootstock they were budding trees to. Both two and three years ago when I made my orders from Cummins and (Cummins is their supplier) they had a lot more choices, or at least the ones they are selling to the general public.

It will cost you, but you can also try Adams County Nursery. At least for MA their shipping is cheaper than for IA.