Source of Organza Bag with Toggle

Anyone know source for these 6.5 in x 6.5 in organza with toggle?. Quick and easy to keep birds, hornets off almost ripe figs. I searched my records, can’t find it. LOTS faster than tying, untying a drawstring.


If those work well… i need some too.

AQRINGO Plastic Cord Locks Single Hole Spring Toggle Stopper Cord Stops Fastener Toggles for Shoelaces, Drawstrings, Paracord, Bags, Clothing, and More (10Pcs, Black)

Found those on amazon… looks like the locking part is often called a cord lock or toggle.

My bags do not have those… i tie them on by hand and very tight to keep out those tiny ants and swd.

I would like to try those to see if they will get tight enough for me. When i bag blueberries… it is really just for bird protection and it does not have to be that tight.

Hope you find some good ones.

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Thanks! I’m coming up empty. Usually I keep a record of where I get special stuff like this. It may have been called a jewelry bag or parts bag. I’m running out of search ideas.