Sources for supplies (sprays, etc)

? - they are listed under general supply

Sorry Scott, I checked it twice and still missed it!

I’ve seen a few threads on stimulating root growth on cuttings. Is there a go-to source for the chemicals that aid in this process? I saw none specifically listed but I’m sure there are options on this list.

For irrigation supplies, I have had excellent service from

I just ordered lime sulphur and Surround from Keystone Pest Solutions

I am not sure if there was any other source listed above for lime sulphur.

Thanks, I put them above.

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Where do people get plastic pots for trees, Stuewe? I need to pot up rootstock for another year, and find something of appropriate size for fig as well.

I ordered Stuewe pots last year from Greenhouse Megastore – while the pots were a bit more expensive than other places I saw, they offered free shipping for a minimum order, which ended up being more cost-effective. was my source. They have closeout 14" round pots in white right now.

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@figjamjar That might be a place, I’ll look. @disc4tw Stuewe is what I have for other things, and used things- I want larger pots to keep plants for a year or two. I have 1 gallon which is too short, I don’t think I have enough of anything else.

@scottfsmith It appears Sunshine Gardens is out of business and security for the link to her old website is compromised. Perhaps that listing and link should be deleted.

I took the link off. Maybe it is temporarily out of service? If so it could be added later. I believe anyone at the proper trust level is able to edit this thread.

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Thank you, Ryan, I didn’t realize I could do that. I’m quite sure she’s out of business, I bought a couple things from her a few years ago, but her website has been abandoned for 3 or more years and she no longer has any activity on Ebay.

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Thanks for keeping an eye on this. I deleted a few others not long ago… small nurseries come and go pretty fast.

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