Sources for supplies (sprays, etc)

Supply Sources

Some supplies can be hard to find. The aim of this wiki is to be a reference by the particular supply of good places where it can be found, and also for general good sources in certain categories. As with the other wikis please add/edit. Especially you @Chris_in_GA since this reference page is your idea :grinning:

It is starting based on my list from my low-impact spray schedule so it initially has lots of big holes. Hopefully it will fill up!

General good supply sources

These places sell many kinds of supplies.

Synthetic sprays

  • Keystone Pest Solutions - stocks many harder to find synthetic sprays.
  • Do my own pest control - another good source for sprays and other insect controls etc.
  • Martin’s Produce Supplies – Excellent pricing on spray chemicals. They sell more types/brands than what is listed on their website. Send for their free catalogue or download the PDF from their site for a complete listing. Also have a good selection of nursery and greenhouse supplies.

Organic sprays

General sources

Particular sprays

  • Surround - Seven Springs has a good price. Make sure you check the shipping wherever you get it from, its a lot because its heavy. Schlabachs and Peaceful Valley are other places with reasonable prices including shipping on Surround.
  • Spinosad - Monterey Garden Insect Spray (link is to Amazon listing, many places sell it).
  • Tritek - get Monterey oil (Amazon listing). Bigger quantity from Seven Springs.
  • Serenade - for small quantity get Bayer Advanced Serenade (Amazon again).
  • Most copper products are similar. Kocide 3000 is a bit more effective in terms of how much copper you need to use.
  • Lime-sulphur can currently be hard to find due to obscure EPA issues; my local garden center has it but yours may not. Peaceful Valley sells it but shipment options are limited. Keystone also sells it. Its not super hard to make your own if you have experience handling dangerous chemicals. The pet dip version is also supposedly the same compound (but 4x as concentrated).
  • There are many sulfur products available, either in liquid or DF (dry flowable) form. Bonide Sulfur is a reasonable DF product; I use a commercial version in larger quantity, check or Keystone Pest Solutions.
  • Cyd-X / Codling Moth Granulosis is available in small(er) quantity from Peaceful Valley now. Peaceful Valley also sells many of the other things above. Harmony also sells Cyd-X in the small jar.
  • Raw neem - can be hard to find, most horticultural neem you find is refined with many of the good compounds removed. Dyna-Grow and are two that have a good reputation. Raw neem can also be used in place of soap or oil for aphids, spider mites, scale, and other small pests, just make sure to add a bit of dish soap to the spray or it will clog your sprayer something ugly. It can be solid at colder temperatures so may need warming up to get it flowing. Keep any you are not using for that season in the refrigerator as it will eventually spoil.

Non-Spray insect control

  • Codling moth mating disruption - Nomate codling moth spirals are currently sold by Arbico. They are expensive but a bag lasts 5-10 years for a backyard grower; keep in freezer.
  • OFM mating disruption - Nomate OFM spirals are at Gemplars. But, Gemplars only ships these to a few states unfortunately. Similar price and freeze them like CM spirals.
  • Beneficial Nematodes - Arbico has the best product I have found, but they are expensive.
  • Great Lakes IPM is the ultimate source for lures and mating disruption. Too bad they don’t ship to all states.
  • The Home Orchard Society is selling Surround-soaked footies for protecting fruits from bugs. These have worked well for many people.

Tools: Pruning / spraying / irrigation / grafting / etc

These places stock a wide range of orchard tools.





  • Peaceful Valley has a good collection of grafting supplies/tools
  • Orchard Valley has a good collection of hard-to-find tools including a cleft grafting tool and parafilm.
  • Garden Marker pens - these are UV resistant and you can write variety names right on the wood and it will last all season. Amazon or Greenhouse Mega Store sell them.
  • Doc Farwell’s Grafting Compound is a useful thick latex cover for grafts. It is somewhat hard to find these days; Harmony Farm Supply sells the quart size which will last for several years. Northwest Cider Supply is another source now.

Root Cloning

  • Kelp4less sells root cloning powder which should work for honeyberry, blueberry, fejoia, etc

Animal Control

Bird Control

  • Bird-X has many good products including woven netting which is more durable than the usual plastic bird netting.

Deer control

  • Wildlife Control Supplies has fencing and chemical deterrents.
  • Deerbusters has many deer control supplies including fencing and Plantskydd, an effective liquid deterrent.
  • Motion-activated sprinklers can be very effective if set up carefully. Good ones include Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer, Contech Scarecrow and Hoont. They are sold at many places including Amazon.

Squirrel traps

15 Likes have a good selection of harvest aids, plastic mulch, drip irrigation, garden seeds, sales packaging and Mechanical Transplanter dealer. Very reasonably priced, easy to work with, and flexible.


Thanks, added. For all these kinds of tools it would be good to have best places for various things. For example if you want a good hoe there are a few catalogs that have a massive number of different types of hoes. I think Johnny’s is one of them. Right now in the above I just put a list of places for the tools.

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A few companies that I have had good dealings with… – Good source of most any parts needed for spaying equipment. --All things needed for drip irrigation – By far, some of the best pricing I can find on spray chemicals. They sell more types/brands than what is listed on their website. Send for their free catalogue or download the PDF from their site for a complete listing. Also have a good selection of nursery and greenhouse supplies.

This is a good also for sprays.

Oesco Inc. in Conway, MA is a farm supplies that offers all kinds of farm stuff and orchard/nursery products including Dr. Farwell products.

Thanks folks all these things added as well. At some point I will try to get it better organized but lets just throw stuff in for now.

Anyone Else have issues getting to It is showing up as a security threat for some reason…

I love ‘Do My Own Pest Control’. You order and pay, they ship usually the same day. They are efficient and they have everthing I need for a back yard orchard. Nice people too!

I have also ordered from Do my own pest control and was happy with my purchase.

Maybe it was a temporary thing … its fine for me now.

I wonder if they were tinkering with their SSL certificate? Sometimes, if a photo is uploaded to a site from another non-SSL site, it will trigger warnings in some browsers.

They are good now! Looks like it was just a quick update…

With groworganic sometimes you have to clear your browser cache or you will get a security msg.

I have had good results with this company (they have parts for felco pruners)

Thanks, added. I also added another pruner place I have done business with.

Hey everyone, there have not been too many contributions to this list and I expect many good supplies places are not listed. Please take a look and see if your favorite places are listed.

Sunshine Gardens is the only place I know that will ship Imidan outside of sellers on Ebay. There price is usually better than ebay, plus they are a company (vs an individual reselling Imidan). This is the only thing I have ever ordered from them and there were no issues.


Thanks, added!

nice list…

I see OESCO, Inc was mentioned previously but not listed. They tick off several categories here including General Supplies; Tools; Sprayers; Pruners; Animal/Bird/Deer Control; and Cider Making Supplies including grinders and presses, as well as harvesting equipment. I believe it’s a source for Doc Farwell’s as well, but they can’t ship until freezing temps pass (they’re in Massachusetts). OESCO = Orchard Equipment Supply Company:

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