Where to learn?

I have a 50 gallon tow behind sprayer with a 5hp Honda motor. Best thing I ever bought. Also, many people on this message board have posted mixing rates.

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I’d suggest learning how to read a pump curve

How to convert psi to feet of lift or head. Hint: 1 psi equals 27 inches of lift.

How pipe resistance losses are related to diameter of the pipe and flow.

How pipe resistance is related to pipe length

Know these things above and you’ll have an intuitive feel for how to make some work.


Friction loss is incredible at small pipe sizes.


KState is where you learn about all of that. They turn out some first class farmers.



a nearby town here has a big ag fair every april. something like that attracts big and small farmers as well as orchard growers. there should be something like that around you. try contacting your county extension service. they’re pretty helpful.


I’m not sure of the scale of what your attempting to spray but I learned alot about sprayers from TeeJet Nozzle Discussion - The Lawn Forum
A short summary of the label is that if your sprayer doesn’t recirculate the spray mix (like my backpack sprayer) you must periodically shake and mix the spray solution to avoid sediment at the bottom of the tank. I’ve never sprayed surround but Scotts low impact spray guide explains it pretty well.
Low-Impact Spray Schedule (2019 Edition)

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You might be able to find a commercial applicator guide online.

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What is the name of your sprayer? I have been looking for one for awhile now,

Are you trying to start a business? I ask only because I used to be a turf and tree/shrub technician years ago, and all I did is follow the directions on the label and fill the truck, or, get out of my truck and fill my backpack sprayer. I just curious?

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I did not start a business, but I am buying some tanks accessories for personal use. Saving the details for a post next month when I can run down all the pros cons and bad decisions.

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That’s “loud and clear”. cool, and great luck!

I bet if you messaged some of the companies on this list that carry the types of things you want, you would get some good advice.

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I would think so.

I bought my sprayer from Iva Manufacturing. I think they are amish from Pennsylvania.
I bought the first one on the page but without a boom. They will pretty much build one however you want. These are a dream after using backpack sprayers and then an electric tow behind. I have a few large trees on m111 rootstock and I can spray to the top easily.

I learned that in Junior College in Yakima.

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I just heard about this site on a webinar I was listening to. https://sprayers101.com/ I haven’t spent a lot of time on it, but it looks like it could be a good resource.

Oh they irony they posed there content to youtube.

The videos I watched speak exactly to the issues I was wondering about. But there still videos nothing to read and just learn the foundations from.

Thanks alot,

If you go to ‘See Topics’ by the search bar there’s quite a few of articles in different categories.

Here’s some more links I found that might be helpful.



I have been using a 2 gallon hand pump sprayer, but with over 30 trees and the height they are now, I thought it was time for a bigger sprayer. I want to get the “right sprayer” without spending money on something that wouldn’t work out in the end. I really appreciate your reply.