Southern California European Plum Thread

Starting a thread for people to post their positive experiences growing European plums in a Southern California yard. This might be a short thread!

Opal graft fruited for me last year. Was not that good. I would have kept it (for science) but I had to cut that down to top work to Flavor King.

Blue Perdrigon graft is blooming now, April 5. Here is a photo of it a couple days ago. It is culinary and not good for fresh eating per reports but this at least shows some European Plums can have a compact well-timed bloom in Southern California.

Who else has tried European plums in Southern California? I am hoping Golden Transparent Gage will produce.


There are/were some large Euro plum trees labeled Green Gage at the South Coast Botanical garden that were loaded with fruit when I saw them 15+ years ago. Unless my memory is wrong and I am misremembering Japanese plums as European, it seems like at least some varieties will produce in coastal SoCal.

Thanks. There was a mixup where a green Japanese plum was sold as “Green Gage” in Southern California around that time. May have been not their fault… but probably was Japanese plum… unless someone saw the leaves, or they really knew their stuff (which if anyone does, perhaps they would be the ones).