Southmoon Blueberry fruiting early?

It’s End of January and there are blooms, some fruiting as well. Is this normal for zone 9b?

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I don’t have to look at the 10 day forecast: inground figs already gone , next week it might kill the rest below ground. Got to rely on my container trees again.
Might bring in a backhoe, take them all out.
Sorry, wrong reply to post.

That’s not unusual in your zone. It’s all good if you don’t get a freeze. If you do try to protect it.

Some yrs bloom will be a lot earlier than others. It depends on the weather. But those low chill southern high bush don’t need much chilling or heat afterwards in order to bloom.

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This year has been weird. My citrus trees have a few second crop fruits from blooms in Nov-Dec. Emerald Drop and Dapple Supreme pluots are already in popcorn bloom stage. Sauzee Swirl peach is leafing out. Probably combination of above average chill in Dec and very warm Jan.


Exactly, it’s all about the weather in those zones in CA.

Ok got it. Does that mean we should start fertilizing early?

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Feb usually has a few cold freeze here so I’d still wait. But it shouldn’t harm too much either.

Makes sense, thanks

What fertilizer schedule for blueberries ? Most of my blueberries are blooming but I am not sure to fertilize after harvesting or just get started after the last freeze?