Spaghetti grows on a vine

All my life I thought that if you want to make spaghetti you start with those bags of extruded things sold in little bags from your local store. Then when I walked down the Walmart produce aisle I saw Spaghetti Squash. Who knew that spaghetti actually grows on a vine. Just joking a little. My daughter uses the squash to make spaghetti frequently and it is pretty good. I’m planning to try something different like a stir fry or patties. I’m really trying to decide if I like SS well enough to devote space in my garden to grow them. As I was cleaning out the cavity all those seeds popped out. Seeds are inexpensive but I washed and saved the seeds for planting a little later. Do you ever save seeds from fruits and vegetables for planting?


yes peppers, heirloom from Romania.

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I started growing spaghetti squash from seeds saved out of a grocery store purchase.


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I did the same with a butternut squash and I got an asortment of squash shaped like butternut to pumpkins from the resulting vines. They are all very tasty.

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I had a volunteer squash pop up by the back porch last year. Ran all over the back yard, made 17 five to seven pound squash that looked like Delicata, but were evidently a hybrid with Spaghetti squash… both were grown near one another the previous year.
You need a hatchet or chainsaw to cut the shell, flesh is kind of, but not totally, stringy like spaghetti squash with similar flavor. My wife doesn’t care for it, so when I cook one, it takes me 4-5 meals to eat a whole one.