Speedzone Herbicide and yard with fruit trees

The label really only mentions desirable plants in a “herbicide drift” context:

Do not allow spray to drift onto vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and other desirable plants since injury may result.

The active ingredients:


Are any of those known to be able to be absorbed via the roots and cause damage that way? If applied at the labeled rate days before the next rain, allowing plenty of sunshine/UV in the meantime. Spraying as far as perhaps a few feet from a fruit tree, taking care to get none on the leaves or bark.

Most of my fruit trees are in a dedicated “orchard space” but I do also have a few on the edges of our “yard”. Been fighting multiple tough broadleaf weeds and if I were to use something like this, just want to gauge how “safe” doing so would be.

Before you say it, we have ~12 acres here and yes we have some of it purely as “yard” with only grass. There is plenty of space dedicated to flowers, forest, fruit trees, etc… Pollinators are numerous and quite happy, as are we with our open yard/grass. :slight_smile:


2,4D is a nasty herbicide. I won’t use it.