Spencer Seedless Apple

Wondered if a coreless apple ever existed and found this old story about a scheme to sell stock for companies which would propagate an apple that was marketed as the future of the commercial apple industry.

I also found some modern pictures and more information here Apples - Spenser Seedless, DIVERSITY website, apple breeding,orchards,fruit

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There is a southern apple Van Hoy No Core which often does not have seeds.

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If Anna does not have a pollinator it will be seedless.


There is a Russian variety Bessemyanka (translated as Seedless) which has no or very few seeds. The problem with such type of apples as I understand it is that they make a lot of apples (and need thinning) and they may drop significant amount of apples at certain stage of maturation before they are ripe. These two problems may compensate each other, I am just guessing.

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As @Richard said, Anna doesn’t have seeds if you keep it away from a pollinator. For several years I had seedless Annas and personally I do not think it enhanced the eating experience in any way.


Yes, I find the seeded Anna tastes better.