Spice Zee Nectaplum and Snow Queen Nectarine discolorations

Here’s my SpiceZee Nectaplum almost ready. This tree was damaged by hail during peak bloom. Are these discoloration a result of hail damage or something else?

And here’s my Snow Queen Nectarine with horrible blemishes. What could be causing these ugly coloration on the skin? My nectarines was hailed on a couple of times when it was in peak bloom.


Thrips damage. You can spray spinosid at end of blooming stage into your blossoms in evening one time and your fruit will look and taste better. Captain Jacks dead bug is what you want. Timing is crucial, wait too long and you just sprayed for nothing, too early and you risk killing some bees. Spray right at the end of bloom to petal fall, any later will be too late. At this time the bees are done with their blossom work and have moved on to the next tree. Also, to be extra careful, spray in the evening when bee activity slows to a halt.


Yeah thrip damage for sure. I never sprayed Spinosad. Just thinned out the affected ones. This year, I had a ton of thrips too.


Thanks for the great tips!