Spider mites infested blackberry


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This year we have very mild winter (SE NY, 7b). I have couple newly (July) planted blackberry Prime Ark Freedom in containers are still heavily infested by spider mites at the end of Dec. The plants are still sending out new leaves. I am start to worry it may impact next year’s floral cane. :sob: What are the option I have to get rid of them? I have tried neem oil spray, they seems come back again a month later.

Thank you

Attached are the image of the bug.

I find soap the first thing I go to for the small insects, it spreads better than oil. Soon winter should kill off the remnants anyway.


Neem oil spray or a spritz or water is all I ever use. Unless you are seeing a lot of leaf stippling or visible webs and swarming, you can probably get away with water spray in the morning. Otherwise, you need to begin prophylactic spraying with neem for SM, and weekly followups thereafter.


Nice camera!

WOW! What did you take that close up picture with???

Hi All,

Thanks. I did not use camera / phone. I took this picture with my son’s toy-ish digital microscope (40x max?). I can barely see the mites with hand-held lens. I was inexperienced and did not realize this issue until I cut the leaf and put it under this… :disappointed:

Typical spray timing for mites on caneberries is just after bud break and again when new growth is nearing 2 inches in length. Mites are usually on the move then.

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