Spider mites on young apple tree

I found what I think is spider mite web on one of my apple trees planted less than two months ago. Online I do not see any recommendations on spraying, just washing with strong stream of water or removing the affected vegetation. Is this the best approach for very young, not well established tree? I only had experience with spider mites on pepper that I brought from outside for winter. And that was what eventually killed it despite daily wash, diluted alcohol spray, and removing affected branches. So I kind of worry for my tree. :sob:

A pair of strong glasses does a miracle :grin:. Spider mites turn into regular tiny spider, cluster of unknown yellow eggs appears on the leaf and gypsy moth caterpillar discovers herself on the branch already inspected before. But I am still interested about spider mites. just in case.

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Oil does a good job on spider mites. This time of yr you’d need a light summer weight oil and spray in the evening. Leaf damage is the possible issue. There are very effective chemical sprays available but they tend to be expensive and you can’t use the same material yr after yr. If you do the SM will develop resistance. Well they don’t really develop resistance but there are a few resistant individuals that in a short time become a mob.


Oil does work well. The danger point is 90 degrees and up. I’ve not experimented with evening sprays but that would have to help by giving extra time for oil to evaporate before things heat up. Good idea.

What was your regimen as far as spray before the appearance of mites? Sometimes they flare up when you’ve killed their predators with a pyrethroid or sevin. They also like dry dusty conditions and I’ve read they love Surround sprayed trees.

A friend gave me a leftover bottle of neem oil extract. I successfully used it on my apple seedlings for both spider mite and rosy apple aphid infestations.

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It ended up to be not mites, just regular small spider made 3-D web between new grows. I was surprised to see the mites, because condition are pretty wet whole spring long, but good glasses help to see it right :grin:

Yup, I really need some fairly serious magnification to see red spider mites, otherwise there will be red spots on the apples before I know they are there.