Spidermite webbing?

Does this look like spider mite webs and or damage.

im not a 100% sure, there might be different spider mite species.

But the spider mites if had, made really tiny webbing. Not strong enough to hold large debris like on your photo’s.

I’m assuming those webs are from “normal” spiders.

The spider mites if had, where easy to get rid of, just sprayed them with water from a garden hose. Or just filled a sprayer with water and hit them with that. Do that a few times and their gone.

looking at the underside of leaves usually clears up if you have spider mites, or just spiders. They are visible by naked eye. Although a photo on your phone or a slight magnifying glass (10x) can help.

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No that not spider mites. That’s your normal spiders that catch insects.


I’ve been meaning to ask. Are spiders good or bad on plants/trees?

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generally i consider a few spiders good. That’s part of the natural ecosystem. When it becomes a “plague” something might be wrong or unbalanced. But that’s true for all insects.

I don’t think there is a simple yes/no answer to your question though. Some spiders go after plague insects, some mostly go after the predators of those plague insects. Depending on the situation they might help or not.

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Very good responses above. I would only add that you will see some leaf stippling even before you see any spider mite webbing.

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