Splendour apples, when do they ripen in zone 6

It is a New Zealand apple. Look like not many here grow it. I have not read many comments. I know it is a late apple but how late?

Also, there is discrepancy in its color. A few pics from nurseries say faint pink blush. Others say carmine (bright) red. Mine are large, bright red and late apples.

Anyone grow Splendour and could you please show the pics or comment?



Splendor ripens for me around early October, about 6 weeks after Gala if that’s a good reference for you.

The ones in your picture looks ripe to me.

The color depends on how much sunlight they get. The redder ones are also sweeter. Those in the shade are bland since Splendor is a low acid apple.
I love its crunch which makes it very refreshing to eat. It will always have a place in my yard.


Thank you. I think I got scionwood from you. Double thank you. Technically if yours ripens in early Oct in zone 9, mine should ripen around Thanksgiving :rofl:

Unfortunately, it is in a partial shade area (like several of my apples :weary:). I think I will pick one this week and try it. I still have one Fuji and two Pink Lady hanging on the trees.

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Not necessarily. Our summer is cooler here with night time temperature in the 50’s. My Pink Lady ripens around Thanksgiving.


We have had temp around 35 F several times since Oct 6. Will be 21 F this coming Fri. I’ll pick all my apples then. (only a few this year)


I have one on order, tree i have wanted for a while
I have a NZ friend who says they are red but not deep dark red when ripe.

@Z9gardener has this apple for a while. She probably could tell you more about it.

The New Zealand nursery I looked up described its color as carmine red which means bright red. Mine has pretty much that color. Not maroon or dark red.

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never tasted the apple yet - sweet with thin skin?

You might not want to wait to pick Splendour then. The light green color (at the stem) that I see in your picture indicates that it’s ripe.

I didn’t manage to get many Splendour fruits this year because of squirrels.


Yes. It bruises easily too and I was surprised that it was, and maybe still is, a commercial apple in NZ.

Mine is on M111 and it started fruiting in its third year. Hope you will enjoy it.


If you like sweet apple, this one is for you. I picked one today. It is a large apple.

This one had water core. It did not bother me one bit. The first bite reminded me of Honey Crisp. Sweet and crunchy. I was surprised that brix was only 14. It tasted a lot sweeter. I did not detect any acidity at all.

It is a very good, sweet apple if you are sweet apple fans. Thatnk you, @Z9gardener to introduced me to it.


I’m interested to hear how your pink ladies turned out. This was the first year picking from my PL tree, also in Massachusetts. I actually have been enjoying them for a few weeks now and should net maybe 30ish fruit. They are tasking like candy right now.

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Where are you in MA?

My Pink Lady are still hanging on the tree. So is my lone Fuji and one more Splendour. The Splendour I picked today was not fully ripe. The seeds were only medium brown.

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Stow MA. I think I started sampling my Pink Ladys about 3 weeks ago as I didn’t know what to expect and the temps were dropping. I actually measured 24 degrees on the apples with one of those laser thermometers 2 weeks ago. Then this Saturday morning I measured 19 degrees!

Was interesting in that they sweetened up in what seemed like a week. The tree does get a lot of sun.

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We did not get real hard frost until yesterday morning and again this morning. It was 32 F this morning at the foothill of Worcester.

When you said 19 F, do you mean the temp of the appe or the weather temp?

If the seeds of your apples are dark, they are ripe.

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Beautiful … i love sweet apples. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks i think i will. I got mine on m111 as well.

Maybe bc NZ is relatively small they dont have to ship as far (?)

I want a luisa plum, also NZ origin but hard to track down

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I presumed you were referring to getting a Luisa plum tree. If you do not mind to graft your own tree, Purvis Nursery has Luisa plum scion.


Thanks. I have not grafted yet. But am willing to give it a shot

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