Splitting Peaches

I have a bit of a problem with one of my six peach trees. Some of the peaches are splitting as they are starting to show color and ripen. Any idea what this means? Any treatment or is it too late for this season to correct a problem?

Some varieties are more prone to splitting, and it also occurs more in climates where the soil can go from dry to saturated very quickly. There is not much you can do about it other than consider replacing the tree with a variety less prone to splitting.

I have found in my Maryland climate that most peaches that split do not do it very often. Only a couple obscure varieties (like Tashkent Gold) were splitting most years, and I had to remove them.


I was gonna start a new thread, but I’m glad I did a search first! I don’t feel like the weather has changed that dramatically, but getting a sizable thunderstorm during the typical midwest drought in late summer definitely happened.

Then again, I honestly don’t know what varietals are on my “fruit cocktail” tree and this is the first year it’s finally bearing fruit. Thanks, @scottfsmith for the info; will keep an eye on it.

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