Spots on new Frost peach tree

Hi, this winter I planted a Frost peach tree in my yard (in ground). Recently I noticed it’s getting some funny spots on its leaves that I have no idea on. Have any of you seen similar spots on young peach tree leaves?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

Hi Richard! Welcome to GrowingFruit. I see you’re in cold hardiness zone 9a-10a. There are many different climates with that rating. Whereabouts are you located?

Hi there - I’m in Santa Rosa, CA (about 70 miles north of San Francisco).

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I believe the peach tree has a treatable virus. Did you have the opportunity to spray it before it leafed out?

Yep, I sprayed it a couple of time with a copper fungicide/dormant oil mix. When it first leafed out it did not have these spots. They’ve shown up in the last few weeks.

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I’ve never seen this occuring after leaf-out, nor do I see anything like it in the UC IPM guide.

Try calling the Woodland or Walnut Grove office:

Will do. Thanks for the suggestion!

It’s hard to diagnose many things from pictures. But N deficiency will produce something similar. You might take a look at that. Here are a couple links.


Thanks for the info. Very helpful - I appreciate it.