Spotted Lanternfly report

I am now in the heavy Spotted Lanternfly infestation area. Please look it up if you are unfamiliar, nasty new invasive and a good reminder why you shouldn’t be illegally importing things from overseas! They can feed on pretty much anything, so take my report with a grain of salt.

Right now the nymphs are active, I think 1st instar. I will list the fruits I have what level of activity I see on them.

Figs - lots. Looks like a serious concern going forward.
Apples - none seen
Euro pears - none seen
Asian pears - a couple seen
Pawpaws - none seen
Black raspberries - none seen
Asian and American persimmons - none seen
Grapes (at friends houses) - lots seen. Local vineyards reported lots of trouble last fall.
Blueberries - a couple seen.
Peaches - none seen, surprisingly.


Wow Kelby. Another pest problem. I am already tired of dealing with OFM, PC, Japanese beetles and now SL. Do you know where this pest originated?


China, some knucklehead illegally imported landscaping stone about 10 miles north of me a few years ago. It’s spread to 4 states so far. State response to stop it was pathetic.

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uh stone? whats wrong the with the rocks already in Penn? morons! I’m sure we’ll see them soon here in NYC, probably head right up 95 over the Verrazano Bridge.

Thanks for your report. You’re not far from Maryland so am sure we’ll see them at some point.

and the first EAB confirmation in Maine was confirmed last week in my hometown. was found across the border in edmundston , NB, canada then Maine started looking and found it here as well. so long to our big ash trees! another asian import!

are you spraying to kill them?

Yeah, sprayed pyrethrin and oil, research is still coming in what works.

Omg, that is horrible!

Hi Kelby. Any updates or progress in your fight against these pests? I’m gardening near you so only a matter of time before I find some in my yard.