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So I did part of my dormant spray today with Kocide 3000, horticulture oil and Nufilm-17. I wrote down the NuFilm amount incorrectly and applied 2 - 3 times the amount recommended on Apples, Peaches, Pears and Cherries. Did I likely do any harm to my trees?

I’m obviously not Scott :slight_smile:

I’ve used generous amount of Nufilm during a dormant season with no ill effect.

Thanks Mamuang!

In fact I think its better to use a super strong dose, the copper will stay on even longer that way. For dormant sprays only! Also you need to watch the sprayer gumming up if a lot is used, run through some hot soapy water every now and then.

I have to add I made the mistake too of adding way to much NuFilm P. The instructions are per acre. I don’t know how many acres I have and I’m not very smart. My trees seriously look shellacked. I just realized this after reading your post. Man I hope I didn’t hurt my trees.

By “generous amount”, I used 2-3 times more than a label says per gallon of water.

If you made a mistake by using per acre instead of per gallon, I would be curious to find out from you what would happen to your trees next spring.

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Yeah, I used a lot. Hopefully everything will be alright. Any idea how that substance can hurt a tree? Guess we will find out in four months.

My experience is it won’t hurt a thing. It will peel like a snake’s skin when growth resumes in the spring.

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So I called Miller chemical this morning and spoke to Mike. He said I should be okay and explained that no matter how much I applied, NuFilm P should break down within 14-21 days and will continue to let the tree respire. He added they have a similar product that is applied at the rate of several gallons per acre.

Time will tell.

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I am not an expert in pesticide regulation, but why is a fruit tree in my backyard not “agricultural purpose”? Also, I am not sure this condition is stipulated by the EPA or is it a marketing strategy by the manufacturer. The label of Advion (which contains the same active ingredient as Avaunt) says it can be applied to residential lawns, which to me says that the active ingredient is not very hazardous to people.

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Anyone can tell based on experience (with control experiments) how much added-value do sticker/spreaders provide?

The legal def. is that one is growing an edible product with the intent to sell. The gov requires a separate registration process to get the OK for residential use and it is very expensive to fulfill.

So, if I grow fruit trees in my backyard and sell some of them in a local farm market ( or even to my neighbors) it becomes legal? If yes, then this does not look to me as a distinction that is based on human safety.

No, it refers to zones, You can’t use it in residential zones. Doesn’t matter what you do with your fruit. Also I suppose their is a complex licensing issue too. You may need certain credentials and such to spray certain products. Each state may vary too, on what they allow.

As far as how important a sticker is it could make the difference between getting fruit and not getting fruit, so I hold it up as fairly important. Your timing has to be perfect without a sticker, when is PC or CM coming? Without a sticker the product could only last a day. Another factor is the type of water can influence the half-life of the active ingredient. Depends what the product is but in research I have read using acidic water increases the half-life on many chemicals, so as a general rule I use acidic water. Captan pretty much won’t work at all in basic water, like all city water is. I use rainwater or add some vinegar.
Back to sticker, you will often hear homeowners saying “This product doesn’t work!” Well yeah, not without a sticker to keep it on target and not have the morning dew and rains wash it off. Well that person was me before I started using stickers. Not as effective with bugs, but really pays off when going up against a fungus.

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I believe an agricultural requirement is only about intent to sell. Not for residential use means not to use it within 100 ft of a residence. Laws often don’t make practical sense and are often passed to pad the resumes of politicians more than to accomplish anything else.

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I heard before that two inches of rain will completely wash off a fungicide. If I mix a fungicide with a sticker, will it stick to the leaves/ branches even after a heavy or moderately heavy rain fall?

Which sticker do you recommend? And where do you buy it from?

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Myclobutanil and other SI fungicides (Indar, Orbit) are water proof once they set in about an hour of good drying conditions.

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Monterey Fungi Fighter has been discontinued (too bad). So, you may wish to remove it from the list. Bonide Infuse seems to be an available alternative.

Yes no problem. Seen it with my own eyes. After 12 hours of rain the copper I sprayed looked like I just sprayed it. It lasts for weeks.Well with Nu Film, most other stickers are nowhere as good.I would use one even if not the best it gives you more time. Sometimes needed. Overnight Plum Curcullo can infect numerous fruits. nasty larvae, hate them! It’s a beetle and we even have organic stuff for them. OFM is another bad one.

Yes, I have yet to find a rule with no exceptions. Good info to know if you use them.
Another is Propiconazole.