Sprayer - hack?

Just something I ran across and there ARE many more of this type out there even less expensive.

This sprayer could easily be hooked up to just a bucket or a barrel depending on the number of trees/gallons that need to be sprayed.

Both intake and outflow hoses can be lengthened as needed if the barrel is too much to move.

I would cobble together some filter to put on the end of the INTAKE hose to keep particulates from clogging up the works. A sock filled with aquarium filter floss/wool worked for me in a similar set up.

A Piece of 4 inch PVC with a screw-cap with a hose bid on one end and an end-cap with a hose-bid installed on the other should do the trick . You can fill it with the filter material. You more mechanically inclined members can chime in with any ideas to improve this. I am just a paper-pusher making trouble.

This makes a very affordable “large sprayer”.

Just throwing it out there



Michael, I assume you could hack that to work but 2800 psi! Seems like a bit of overkill.

Why not just get a purpose built large capacity sprayer? I purchased one similar to the one linked below only mine also comes with a boom that can be used to spray lawns in a 12 foot swath. I put it on the back of my ATV and can drive around with the wand in one hand while steering with the other. It can spray about 25 feet. It can also be used for watering plants. I’m 100% satisfied with mine.


It’s a good idea, just that the sprayer is all wrong. 0.24 gal/min. is only enough flow to spray paint, or perhaps greenhouse plants.

I’ve found I need an electric pump which will put out about 2 gal/min. for hand spraying trees.


I have one of these too. But …

  1. These 25+ gallon sprayers weigh over 400 pounds when filled making them kind of hard to move around :wink: . Those of us who don’t have an ATV or enough space to use an ATV need something that can hold volume of spray and be stationary and still have enough oooomph when we attach the longer hose required to be able to walk throughout the orchard. My hose is 100feet.

  2. With the higher pressure ( and you might not need 2800 PSI but there are smaller units out there) the spray gets ATOMIZED and I see that it gets into ALL the nooks and crannies and hits the top as well as the bottom of the leaves and is great at really getting the rough bark coated really well.

My place has narrow row spacing and I don’t have an ATV. My solution was to hook up a barrel of mix to an old power washer. Previously I posted about it (See Pressure Washer as an Emergency Sprayer - #3 by ltilton )

My goal here was to think outside the box and put in place a stationary sprayer that can service a pretty large area. I can cover my 150’ x 50’ area with no problem. ( see the earlier more detailed post)


I am a real big fan of atomizing the mix. And remember I grow my trees as 6-7 foot espaliers for which this works great but I see that it can easily treat trees twice as tall. If not stopped by a wall (when paint is being applied) a paint sprayer throws out a pretty impressive “CLOUD”.

Maybe the nozzle can be changed or drilled out a bit. And I don’t know if this particular paint sprayer is the right one but I put it out there to get the thinking juices flowing. My personal “power washer” solution is working for me but others may not have an old one lying around.

Just thinking to keep the post summer blues at bay :wink:


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I can appreciate that. Without forward thinking we will stagnate.

Sounds like your happy with your setup but if down the road you need another solution you might look at this unit. It comes on a hand cart with a 12 volt battery with 2 hours runtime. Easily portable around the orchard. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200518864_200518864

As for creating a highly atomized spray, I’m personally not a big fan of that. It creates way too much drift and for me it seems hard to get the spray where I want it. I don’t want the spray coming out like a garden hose but I do like it to be what I’d call medium wet. It allows me to really soak the leaves and limbs to the point of dripping.