Sprayer nozzle

I just bought a Mackissic tow behind sprayer with Hypro pump to spray my apple orchard. The factory gun/nozzle sprays more like a fire hose (narrow strong stream) than a tree sprayer nozzle, so I want to purchase a new gun and tip. Does anyone have recommendations for a gun and nozzle tip to spray dormant oils and holistic sprays?

Id recommend a jd9 type gun. The Hudson brand is a bit expensive, but there are other brands that could be had for about half the price . Not sure how tall your trees are, but I’d prob start with a medium tip.

@TreeGuy my trees are anywhere from whips, up to 8 year old on Bud118. They will eventually be fairly large, but right now the oldest 8 year olds are still under 10 feet high. I might just buy that JD9 because I’m already tired of buying cheap parts and having them die before too long, or they just perform poorly. I bought an Amazon special gun for $35 and I’m returning it this week….complete junk.

Do you know if that medium tip (38604) will create fine particles, or will it be more of a stream? The Mackissic is rated at 3 gpm max flow rate, so I wonder if I should even go down to the small size nozzle?

Those guns are adjustable. They can do a stream or fine spray. I think you’ll be fine with medium or small.

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I’ve got a small Rears sprayer and really like their spray gun, when I need to use a spray gun. The stream adjusts by pivoting the forearm back and forth. It looks like this:


It takes about 50 psi to run and takes a pump with a decent gpm, but I’ve little doubt a decent sized hypro pump would be plenty of pump to run the gun (but I don’t think a small electric pump would run the gun). The gun would easily spray 20’ tall trees.

Although Rears sprayers are expensive (because they quality is super good), they are extremely reasonable on their sprayer parts. Most of the time cheaper than I can find anywhere else. My guess is the gun would be a couple hundred dollars.

They also sell parts to rebuild the gun. I bought a rebuild kit because I thought my gun was worn out, but as I took it apart I realized there was just some plastic trash inside which was causing the gun to malfunction.

The gun also has the feature of accepting different sized tip nozzles (in addition to the adjustment of the stream by moving the forearm).

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