Sprayer upgrade

My 35 trees are 7 years old and getting 10 feet tall. I decided to upgrade my echo pump sprayer to a Stihl gas sprayer.

After my first use I’m impressed. Its easier to use and faster. I get much better coverage with the mist and have less waste. I also end up with less spray on me since I can stand back from trees a bit

It’s not cheap but I wish I had upgraded sooner. Hopefully it lasts many years

Hope this helps anyone considering it.


I still have and use a 20 year old pump sprayer.


I had the same echo sprayer but I thought it was junk. Nice upgrade!

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I’ve recently researched conversion kits for leaf blowers to turn them into a mister/fogger similar to this. More for mosquito control though… The Stihl SR-200 is certainly a nice unit. I might bite the bullet and try to accomplish similar with my Poulan Pro backpack blower.