Spraying fruit trees for frost

I’ve got a 5 year old Montmorency that is absolutely covered in blossoms for the first time, and ironically tonight we’re going to get another hard frost. Forecasted to go down to 28. All the blooms are just at the point of starting to open.

Curious is anyone here has had success with spraying fruit trees with a light mist of water before frost as protection against damage? Is it effective? Any other advice is appreciated as well. I thought about covering the tree but it’s probably too large

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Whatever you try will likely work because 28F is not likely cold enough to kill the flower buds and we usually get such lows right into May even though by late April even apples are usually opening. Right now my cherries, E. plums and peaches are in full bloom and J. plums are done. Got down to 29 a few days ago and even my cots are fine.

This should help you sleep. https://digitalcommons.usu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1643&context=extension_curall


it also has been discussed here

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Using water for spring freeze control is difficult and potentially dangerous. It takes more water than many expect. It’s not a matter of spraying the trees and then setting back until morning. Read this before trying it: Using sprinklers to protect plants from spring freezes - MSU Extension


Thanks everyone, ended up not bothering with any protection. Temps were around 28/29 last night. I’ll just wait to see what kind of damage there was, hopefully it’s minimal.

Are your blooms open?

Full white/pink on all trees (Apple, cherry, plum, pear). Based on that chart I might expect 10% loss? Euro plums seem like they might shrug off 28 though.