Spraying Grapes Question

New to Grapes, just planted a bunch of concord this spring to grow up a grape arbor/pergola
My question is what do I spray them with and how often?
Do I just use the same program I use for my apples and stone fruit?
I have some Triazicide and Immunox I could use but done know if they are the proper products for grapes

Concord Grapes may not need sprayed much at all. I use a fungicide only which is captan every 7-10 days. Its very inexpensive. I suspect unless you live around a bunch of fruit growers you don’t need to do that for several years. Insects are a different deal but in Kansas the only thing that bothers my grapes are wasps which I don’t spray for. People make traps for them if they are a pest in their area. Plenty of people in the country grow concord spray free until blackrot shows up.

The first few years I have concord, I didn’t have to spray anything. It started to develop black rot later on, I sprayed immunox a couple of times last year. Black rot seemed to be under control. I plan to do the same this year.

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So if i do eventually happen to get Black Rot, will i be able to get rid of it completely with treatment? or will it only be supressed for the rest of the plants life?

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I don’t have enough experience to answer that question.

I only started spraying last year, and only sprayed twice. As far as I can tell, there were still signs of black rot, but it’s well under control. So I am doing the same this year, sprayed once already, plan to spray again this weekend(two weeks apart), and see what happen. If needed I may spray more.

Severe black rot can wipe out the whole harvest, so I will not stop spraying lightly.

I got black rot in grapes after a few years then had a mess for a year until I figured out cultural control and fungicides but I lost 2 years of crops. The key to grapes is spray fungicides every 7-10 days from when they bloom until the grapes get as big as a BB and then your good unless you see visual problems. Black rot is first seen as Brown spots on leaves and that’s when you want to spray when you first see it. During wet and warm times is when it’s a problem. Never let it go because it will develop lesions on stems and mummified berries and overwinter. I cut my grapes back to the main stock, cleaned up leaves, mummified grapes etc and sprayed everything with captain or immunox which cured it up. That’s been many years ago and even if I don’t spray I don’t have Black rot today. Thing is if you never have had it why spray until you see it? But like canker in stone fruit when you see it act fast because it will. In my opinion If you do decide to spray wear plenty of protective clothes and protect your eyes. Fungicides are very effective but like with anything use extra caution until you get used to them