Spraying NuFilm on Blooms?

Most of my trees have been in full bloom for at least a week, cots are in petal fall. It rained last Sun, today it is raining and next week, several days have rain forecast and temperatures in the seventies. So, I am planning to spray chlorothalonyl for brown/blossom rot protection. Because of the rain of next week, I am thinking I should use NuFilm with chlorothalonyl tomorrow, but I am not sure it’s ok to spray it on blooms. Because all trees have been in bloom for at least a few days, I think pollination is mostly done, which is the main thing I’d suspect NuFilm would interfere with. Have any one used NuFilm during bloom before? Any known issues?

I personally just wait til petal fall to spray anything. But I rarely have problems with shoot blight or blossom rot. That said I doubt it would cause any problems. Some of my apricot blooms got nufilm this spring because I was a day or two late on my dormant spray of copper/oil/nufilm and a few blossoms had opened.