Spring bud grafting

For curiosity I would like to try to Bud graft with a bud taken off an apple Scion I’m using this spring.

Should I expect the bud to “wake up” in first few weeks like typ cleft or whip and tongue?

Would bud graft be encouraged to grow if immediately after inserting Bud into rootstock I cut the rootstock branch above the bud graft so that the bud becomes a terminal bud?
Thanks in advance

The first recommendation for spring budding is to insert the scion bud just as the rootstock starts to grow in the spring. Hopefully, it’s still not too late for you. The second recommendation is to cut back the rootstock above the bud two weeks later.

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Thanks for replying
I guess if all goes well the bud will grow this spring, and will show life in a few weeks
When bud starts to grow that’s time to cut the rootstock above the bud?

You will not necessarily see bud growth until you push it by cutting the rootstock above the bud. Therefore, it’s usually done two weeks after the insertion; this is enough time for the bud to heal. Healed bud is plump and green; dead bud that didn’t take is dark and wrinkled.

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Hi Fran. I’m wanting to do exactly what you proposed (graft a bud from dorman scionwood I have in fridge onto a tree that is just now waking up), I’ve very curious to hear if you ended up trying it last year, and if so how did it work out? Any advice? Thanks.

At the end of the “2018 Grafting Thread” I posted some pictures of late summer bud grafts. Those photo’s show the callus formation on grafts that took and a couple that had sprouted as well. It will give you an idea of what a successful dormant bud and growing bud look like. I think it was post 372 on that thread.

I did it with plum last spring, using dormant wood from a trade. It worked well. Those did start growing sometime during the season. They are also leafing out now.

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Hi Andy
I did try it…not any luck…maybe some feedback from others… I would like to try again this spring
Good luck

I read this thread and found some problems with bud grafting.
Don’t trim the top too early because the grafted buds need the heads to pull up the nutrition. If you want to encourage the buds to sprout, you can make a cut above the buds. You can tie the shouts to the branches after the buds grow.

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Mine were on trees where I wanted to keep other scaffolds, so yep there were leaves, etc above my new buds.

Back to the spring budding question
Is it best to take the tape and wrap it not only around the bark of the bad but also the actual bud itself or wrap tape around Bud bark but not the bud?

What do you mean by “tape”? I personally wrap the bud itself with one layer of stretched parafilm to help prevent it from drying out, and if I’m not mistaken the same thing is shown on @Jsacadura fig budding videos, however some people do not.

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