Spring Campaigns-Wars: PREPARATIONS

We all know they are coming and I need some advance planning.

My first is: This year I would like to try some pre-emergent weed/grass control.
Even with good mulching this weekend warrior wants one less time consuming chore.

But, I can’t make heads or tails of what is safe around our fruit trees.

HELP !!!

And everyone else… please chime in with yours. We can always benenefit from ideas we didn’t think of.


Do not use Atrazine, it will hurt your trees.

I am in process of collecting cardboard scraps and laying them down where I want to contain the Japanese Stiltgrass I am battling.


I get a progression of different types of weeds throughout the year starting with crabgrass & dandelions and culminating in clover and some other weird stuff. Believe it or not the later stuuf is worse and is more agressive.

I’ve approximately 7,500 square feet that I need to deal with and since I only get to it on the weekends, if something comes up and I miss a week I am doomed. Also now most of the trees will be in their 4th and 5th years so I will need to spend more time with them than weeding.

So how much scrap cardboard do ya figure? And… when do I start collecting? :wink:


Newspaper and find a tree trimming co looking to get rio of fresh chipped wood.

Whatever weeds push their way through that will be easier to take out (hot vinegar water. Dust with baking soda the next day.


Lots of pre herbicides are available for apple and peach, but I only have experience with a few of them. Many may be labeled for “farm use only.” Most are only available in a size that will take many years to use. Surflan is the exception and is available in a small size. Have only seen Simizine in 2.5 gal size, but its reasonable - around $80. A mix of Simizine and Surflan is common, Simizine is more active on broadleaf weeds and Surflan is more active on grass. The rate is around 2 Qt/acre. Both are labeled in my state for blueberry, and blackberry also.

Alion and Sinbar last longer, but cost more. A 32 oz jug of Alion is over $300, but it only takes around 3 oz/acre. A 5 pound bag of Sinbar cost around $300, with a rate of around 1 pound/acre

Many pre have a long PHI , so be sure to check label and also verify the proper rate. I believe Simizine is 150 days or more! I posted the rates above from memory and they may not be correct… .