Spring Greens (weeds)

The first of the spring greens are up.
Bittercress taste like watercress or arugla. Nice way to add edible flowers early in the year.
Hairy Bittercress - Edible Weed (wildedible.com)

Wild Onions, self explanitory.
:carrot: Foraging: Ultimate Guide to Wild Food (wildedible.com)

Henbit and Purple Dead nettle. Two different plants but they look very similar at first glance. Both are edible.
I sure this is purple dead nettle it grows more purple as it gets older. Didn’t taste like much but i am going to try it at a much younger stage this year.


Sometimes edible isn’t necessarily tasty. (But, wild upland cress, black mustard, dandelions, violets, poke, and so forth are in my view.)

Isn’t the last photo Creepy Charlie?

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no, but i looked up creeping charlie and they look very simular. All three are mint family members and edible. Creeping Charlie seems like it has more flavor as henbit and purple dead nettle have been rather flavorless to me.

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Don’t forget the lovely dandelion…

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I was posting as they pop up in my yard. So soon.

Creeping, thank goodness.

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