Spring is here! (some useless but fun pics!)

My little camera phone can’t, of course, hold a light to you pro and semi-pro photographers and your fancy equipment. But I wanted to share some beauty anyway!

This past weekend I took a peaceful walk in the woods not too far from my house. The goal was just to get outside with my dog, but I hoped I’d see some dry-land fish (I didn’t, probably too early). I did pick a bag of watercress- boy is that stuff good!!! Tastes like a cross between lettuce and radishes. But boy was it nice being out there in the woods!

One happy dog!

Wild watercress:


Unknown Wildflowers:

More unknown Wildflowers

Baby Frog in pursuit of salamanders!


My Brittany, who wishes I’d take her in the woods and waters more often!

And while I’m at it, I want to throw in a couple of my tree photos I took the same day!

Red Delicious:

Both of these are twins (bought at same time and place and planted together 7 years ago) Montmorency Cherry Trees:

Here are some plums taken about 2-3 weeks before these other pics. The blooms were so nice on these!

Toka Plum (blooms are sort of an off-white, not a pure white) Age:7 years

Black Tartarian Sweet Cherry (Age, 7 years)

Finally, this is the absolute worst knife work EVER and I made a huge mess of the root-stock, yet my first time to ever try bud grafting seems to have worked. This sad little bud and the over-trimmed scion I attached it too last fall made it through winter and are now swelling and the bud is about to sprout! It is a Saijo Persimmon bud on a wild Diospyros virginiana base


Nice pictures. The first flower picture are Virginia bluebells


Thank-you so much for that info!!! I was really curious about what they were!!!

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Well, the watercress is making me hungry for some wild greens to go with my pinto beans in the crock pot!

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I’ve never heard that term used before and thought maybe they were related to the first picture,until looking it up.One person gave a tip about putting them in a netted bag,like what citrus comes in,so the spores can drop and grow more in future years.bb

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I love your pictures of the woods. The pics of your trees in blooms were nice but the picturesque of the woods was impressive. They depict tranquility/calmness. Very zen.

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Awesome pics Kevin! Your treea are loaded with blooms. And nicely shaped. I also love the gun dog!